"Thanks Jimi Festival" 2013
and Guitar Guinness Record


Guitar Record 2003

On 10th of may, in the centre of gorgeous Polish city Wroclaw, the biggest so far guitar band lead by Leszek Cichonski has set the new Guinness Record in simultaneous playing Jimi Hendrix's super hit "Hey Joe".
The jury has officialy confirmed 588 guitarist taking part in this unique event, and will enter the achievement in The Guinness Record Book.
There were adults, kids, teenagers, males, females, punks, former hippis, rockers, rappers, tecno fans, bluesmen, pop guitarists, music students, beginners, maestros and more - all united in one more tribute to guitar legend Jimi Hendrix.

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Guitar Record 2004

Leszek Cichonski doesn't stop to promote Jimi's music in Poland. A new "Thanks Jimi Festival" with guitar record took place in Wroclaw, Poland. 916 guitar players played together Hey Joe, Little Wing and Wild Thing... - it was a real wild thing :-) . It was two month educational company in newspapers, radiostations and internet to let people learn Jimi's songs. Leszek's idea is to learn them a news song each year and play a whole programme together. It doesn't metter that we don't have world Guinness Record (but European for shure :-) - The most important is the true UNI VIBE of hearts, minds and our souls during the performance of Hendrix's songs. Fifteen top Polish guitarplayers joined the Festival. A special guest was Roland Parker. He and his manager were very impressed.
As you can see on the pictures there are some really young Jimi guitar players. There is a good chance that the spirit of Jimi will be kept by a new guitar player generation.

Another info:

Guitar Record 2005

In May 2005, 1201 guitarists gathered in Wroclaw's historic Old Town Square to play Hendrix songs together, with an estimated 15.000 additional observers in the audience.

The Thanks Jimi Festival was organized by master guitarist and Hendrix interpreter Leszek Cichonski, who will lead the crowd in playing "Hey Joe," "Little Wing," "Wild Thing," and "Red House," as well as introducing performances by Tommy Emmanuel, John Brodway Tucker Band, Hungarian Solti/Poka/Toth Rock Band and some of Poland's finest guitarists.


It was already the third attempt. So far the world biggest guitar orchestra was performing on american´s EPIPHONE guitar producer anniversary, where 1555 musicians were assembled playing together. (http://www.gibson.com).

As in the past two years, the festival was preceded by a two-month educational workshop via mass media and the Internet. "My idea was to teach people Hendrix songs so that we would be able to play them together," says Cichonski. "And step by step we mastered three songs."

So if you are either a professional axeman or an amatour, present or would be, male or female... and if you still aren't hooked on this fest reading the above descrioption, you never will! But mark these words, Wodstock Fest. was only once-in-a- lifetime occurrence. So was Altamont Fest. THANKS JIMI FEST is ahead of them - it was reproduced succesfully for the third time. Contrary to them both - THANKS JIMI FEST is alive, well and kicking. You can make it even better - BE THERE THE NEXT YEAR OR JUST BE SQUARE !!!

Guitar Record 2006

        1581 guitars played Jimi Hendrix's blues-rock hit 'Hey Joe' at the Old Town Square in Wroclaw, Poland, on the 1st of may 2006, last week. This event sets a new Guinness' World Record for the largest number of guitars simultaneously playing the same song. This was the fourth attempt: last year 1201 guitars participated in the event. The previous record (1555 guitars) belonged to Epiphone - the American guitar producer.

         1581 guitars from all over Poland, as well as from countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden and the USA, gathered at the Old Town Square in Wroclaw despite the rain falling persistently since the day before. Until the last moment the weather forecasts were not optimistic, putting the whole event in danger but just before the general rehearsal (electric & acoustic guitars tuning) by 3 p.m. the rain suddenly stopped. When at 4 p.m. the orchestra conducted by Leszek Cichonski performed 'Hey Joe' the sun was shining! Thanks to... Jimi? Additionally, the world's largest guitar orchestra performed the hits: 'Little Wing', 'Red House', 'Wild Thing' , as well as Cichonski's own 'Thanks Jimi'.

Even though the record was set, the 'Thanks Jimi Festival' will be continued in the next years.

Guitar Guinness Record - photo gallery

Guitar Record 2007

The "Thanks Jimi Festival" has grown into the largest guitar event in the world after securing the World Record for the Largest Guitar Orchestra in 2007 with 1,881 confirmed guitar players all playing together simultaneously (and official estimates of an additional 15,000 people in attendance).

even BBC informs :

Almost 2,000 musicians have gathered in the Polish city of Wroclaw to play a rock anthem by Jimi Hendrix.

The guitarists were aiming to set a new Guinness World Record by gathering 1,881 guitarists in the city's market square to play Hey Joe.
......... it was the biggest guitar ensemble in recorded history, though Guinness has not yet officially confirmed the feat.
more http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6613261.stm

Guitar Record 2008

* 1951 guitars* played Jimi Hendrix's blues-rock hit 'Hey Joe' and other songs at the Old Town Square in Wroclaw, Poland, on the 1st of may 2008. This event sets a new Guinness' World Record for the largest number of guitars simultaneously playing the same song. This was the sixth attempt: last year 1881 guitars participated in the event witch was the best score in the World.

The attempt took place during the 'Thanks Jimi Festival' dedicated to the music of the world's best known guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. It was organized on the initiative of Leszek Cichonski - a respected musician and music educator from Wroclaw, Poland, who wants to attain a goal of teaching guitarists a new Hendrix's song every year.

The event is transforming into the center of an annual 1st of May "World Guitar Day" and is expanding significantly with satellite events happening simultaneously around the world as well as private individuals and smaller groups being able to also take part in real time via the web.

Guitar Record 2009

May 1, 2009 saw 6,346 guitar players join together to play the Jimi Hendrix hit "Hey Joe" and more than tripled the standing record for "Largest Guitar Ensemble" of 2,052 set last year in Concord, California. The event took place in the historic center of Wroclaw, Poland - a city which has taken on the title of "Wroclaw Guitar City" - a title that seems merited. In fact, the Mayor, Rafał Dutkiewicz, was among those playing, as was Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse and festival founder and director, Leszek Cichoński. Cichoński is a well-known musician and music educator in Poland and the festival was an outgrowth of one of his educational programs and has taken place - and grown - annually since 2003. Beyond the 6,346 guitar players, there were thousands of spectators and supporters in the Wrocław city center as well as other guitar players taking part online and in coordinated events in Sweden, the US, Canada and Australia (though those do not count towards the record). One of the objectives of the organizers is to establish May 1st as "World Guitar Day" and more coordinated simultaneous events are planed for next year and beyond.

Guitar Record 2010

The 8th edition of the Thanks Jimi Festival took place once again on May 1st in the Wroclaw market square. This year saw 4,597 guitarists who played seven songs together under the direction of Leszek Cichoński including Guinness World Record attempt song, "Hey Joe". This year fell short of last year's success of 6,346 but was still over double the previous record. Still, the event is considered a success as the real goal is to celebrate the power of music and enjoy the truly unique atmosphere that defines this event.

On the stage, among others, were featured Greg Koch, Marek Piekarczyk (TSA), Mieczysław Jurecki (formerly of Budka Suflera), Maciej Balcar (Dżem), Mark Raduli, Egon Poka Experience, Leszek Cichoński and Zbigniew Holdys played "Hey Joe" along with the accompaniment of more than 4,500 electric and acoustic guitars and the vocals of former lead singer of Genesis, Ray Wilson.

"I always emphasize that in this event is not about just the record", says Leszek Cichoński, originator of the event, "It is a unique group encounter with music, in which all participants are performers. You arrive with teenagers and hippies, parents with their children and children with their parents - and grandparents, to feel this amazing energy that carries the common edges. I would like to thank everyone who came to the Wrocław center, it's them who create this atmosphere and them who put my heart in my throat, when they all raise their guitars at that moment at the end of the song."

Not only the Polish media interested in the phenomenon of events in Wroclaw; Reuters released a live signal to foreign TV channels and EuroNews, which showed its viewers, the greatest guitar band to perform together in 2010, and the beautiful center of our city, to the world - we are touched to have had comments from those that watched from around the world. The event was also watched world-wide via our live internet connections and again saw others playing along with us including organized events in Norway, Australia, Ukraina and elsewhere.

Guitar Record 2011

In 2011 y. we didn't set new Guitar Guinness Record but with 5601 guitar players, we got now three best scores:
1. 6346 - 2009 y.
2. 5601 - 2011 y.
3. 4597 - 2010 y.
on 4th position there are USA with only 2051 guitar players.

9th edition of Thanks Jimi Festival could be seen in TV all over the world in countries like: USA, Australia, Egipt, Turkey, Korea and most countries in Europe.
In 2011 year to Thanks Jimi Festival has joined guitar players in Oslo, Cologne, Nybro, Chicago. In all those cities, many guitar fans has gathered to play Hey Joe, but to the official Guitar Guinness Record were counted only guitar players gathered in Wroclaw Main Square

Guitar Record 2012

On May 1st 2012 at the Wroclaw Main Square we set together the new Guitar Guinness Record! There were at least 7273 people playing together "Hey Joe" by Jimi Hendrix.

This was 10th anniversary of Thanks Jimi Festival. During event we broke our record of 6,346 guitar players from May 1st 2009.
Despite that official record beating time was set to 4 P.M. first guitarists start to gather on Wroclaw Main Square around 7 A.M
"I spent all night in train, I can't imagine Guitar Record without me" Maciek from Siedlce
"We planed to arrive later, but only bus to Wroclaw was at 4 A.M. we didn't thought about it long" sisters from Bogatynia

Around noon there were no place in Main Square without giutarists
Leon Hendrix says that He had no idea that in Poland there are so many guitar fans.
Marcus Miller was so pleased with crowd of guitars that He played one song more.

Biggest star of 10th Anniversary of Thanks Jimi Festival was band Europe which concert were in evening of May 1st.

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