FOTOGRAFIE galeria 1       He started early. As a twelve years-old he ....wielded a battered acoustic palying ;House of the Rising Sun. He spent long years at home, playing with the likes of BB King, Hendrix. In 1982 He graduated from Institiute of Protecting Atmosphere at The Wroclaw Technical University, not even thinking of music as his final destination. Now he is considered as the best Polish blues-rock guitar player.

Leszek Cichonski was born on 25th Nov., 1957 in Wroclaw.

He was the first in Poland to prepare an instructional course with audio tape for guitar players Blues-Rock Guitar Workshop. He is also the publisher of this material and other education products. His instructional projects and workshops together with MIDI-MAX - his publishing house - were awarded with the Bronze Medal at the International Music Fair INTERMEDIA '94 in Wroclaw.
FOTOGRAFIE galeria 4 Since 1991 he's been a band-leader of his own group GUITAR WORKSHOP employing top Polish musicians as well as a promotor for Poland. In 1996 he had recorded "Leszek Cichonski & friends - LIVE" with some of the best polish guitarists: Grzegorz Skawinski, Jerzy Styczynski, Dariusz Kozakiewicz and Carlos Johnson from Chicago.
Leszek Cichonski is a laureate of the Maria Jurkowska Award granted every year by the Polish Radio Programme 3 musical jurnalist for his propagation of the blues and musical education among young people. According to "Gitara i Bass" and "Twoj Blues" magazine, he is the best polish blues-rock guitarist of 2001 year.
Over a period of last five years, he has organized and played more than 150 concerts in Poland and Czech Republic with Chicago based blues players. Chicago's greats, Carlos Johnson, Sammy Fender, Pistol Pete came to Poland at different times and played with the band, Guitar Workshop.

He put together Tribute to Jimi Hendrix Tour last year. Cichonski's last CD, Thanks Jimi" is his tribute to Jimi Hendrix. It features Chicago's own Stan Skibby and Anika - a very talented woman from Wroclaw.

- Thanks Jimi has got a few prestigious Awards of Polish Music Magazines

On 10-th of may, in the center of gorgous Polish city Wroclaw, the biggest so far guitar band lead by Leszek Cichonski has set the new Guinness Record in simultaneous playing Jimi Hendrix's super hit "Hey Joe".

The jury has officialy confirmed 588 guitarist taking part in this unique event, and will enter the achievement in The Guinness Record Book.

There were adults, kids, teenagers, males, females, punks, former hippis, rockers, rappers, tecno fans, bluesmen, pop guitarists, music students, beginners, maestros and more - all united in one more tribute to guitar legend Jimi Hendrix.